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Peach Sapphire Stones

The colour peach gives a very comforting vibe. Sunrises, summer, and sweet fruit all come to mind when you think of this colour. Peaches in light pastel hues connote sweetness, friendliness, and warmth. Peach sapphires are just stunning to behold, they capture the sun like none other, and with the golden elements that most contain, all skin tones can wear this earthy colour. They go well in all metal types, but rose gold is a particularly popular choice to pair with your peach sapphire. Peach sapphires are known to symbolize emotions of love, creativity, and acceptance.

Peach sapphire is the perfect alternative to the popular morganite, which exhibits a peach coluor, but lacks the shine and sparkle of a sapphire, is always treated, and is much softer than a sapphire leading to the likelihood of the stone cracking or scratching easily.

The peach sapphire happens to be one of the most sought after and rarest shades of sapphire out there. This stone is typically found in places such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. The peach sapphire, also known as the champagne sapphire, can be found in a number of pastel hues ranging along the yellow, gold, pink and orange spectrums. The notable blush tone is less exuberant than the more saturated colours. In fact, the only real difference between a peach sapphire and a padparadscha sapphire is saturation of color – peaches are generally lighter in tone.

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