Create your own one of a kind sapphire ring

The design is in your hands

We offer you a unique process to design your ring. Rather than narrating to someone else to translate your wishes, you can literally design it yourself. With our unique software the power will be in your hands to choose your sapphire and create your own design. Full and ultimate control.

You don’t have to be an expert to design your own jewellery.  Our software makes it easy for you and we have our team of professionals check your design over before any crafting begins. 

We want you to enjoy this journey, make it your own. 
Your ring really will be designed by you and 100% one of a kind.


Look through our extensive and completely unique sapphire collection to select the sapphire that resonates with you.  Sapphires should be chosen first and foremost on colour, which is a very personal decision, but we are confident we’ll have something here you absolutely fall in love with!


Our designs range from the traditional, simple classic, to completely distinctive and unique.  Designed in-house, we offer you a divergent array of styles which you can tailor or customise to suit your own taste.  We pride ourselves on inclusivity and guarantee there will be something for you.


1 + 2 = 3.  It’s as simple as that.  We do the rest.  You’ll be regularly updated on the progress of your piece while we beaver behind the scenes to make your dream a reality.  Stones sourced from our reputable suppliers from around the world, and your dream ring manufactured right here in little ol’ NZ.  With a lifetime warranty as the cherry on top.

You can be your own jewellery designer

Start your ring design

No waiting for designs you have seen before

Ignite the fire, be a jewellery designer

You know what you want. 
Or if you don’t, we give you the tools to experiment!

It doesn't have to be an
engagement ring or a wedding ring

Time to narrate your own story

At Hart & Halo we believe in celebrating life.  Be it a milestone, an achievement, or a memory, keep it alive by creating a piece of art to represent that person, event or thing.

We have a true passion & love Of sapphires

Unique Sapphire Selection

Sapphires being the hardest coloured stone are perfect for daily wear and heirloom pieces.  We are truly in lust of what the Earth can do when creating these pieces. Each one is completely unique.

Design 12 Seren with A012_1


Celebrate your milestones...

Why wait for someone else to buy you what they think you want?  YOLO!
Fine jewellery is the perfect way to cement a memory, or celebrate a milestone.  As well as bringing you daily happy vibes when you remember the reason you designed your piece, the meaning and sentiment you pour into your special ring will live on forever. 
To keep hold of a memory, set it in stone.


Choose your Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

A010 | OVAL CUT | 1.11 CARAT


Green Sapphire

A041 | OVAL CUT | 1.76 CARAT


Teal Sapphire



The Hart & Halo Story

Just like the sapphires themselves, it’s also pretty unique.
Our journey began when we became frustrated with the process of translation to your traditional high end jeweller.  Thinking a bit differently we felt there was a gap in the industry and it was time for a bit more fun and enabling in the design journey, and a bit more individuality injected into the offerings.


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